Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lily's first few weeks...meeting friends and family!

Here I am at Grandma Syd's and Pahkas of my first outings!

Kristan, Joan and baby Zoe (who is touching my head!) came up to visit!

Baysitter extraordinare, Rissy!

40 and fabulous... it's Martha!

Of course, Aunt Kahkee came to see me at the hospital, too!

At home with Pop Pop...look, I'm smiling!

I'm wearing your color, Grammie!

Quiet time with Grammie and Pop Pop

Having fun with my Godmother, Aunt Mimi!

Halloween daytime picture...hmmm...check out our poses!

Before Julia went out trick-or-treating with Daddy, Aunt Kahkee and Rissy. No, I didn't go. I handed out candy with Mommy instead!

All Saints Day...and look, Aunt Gigi arrived!

Hello, Lizzy G!

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